bancon is a certified SAP partner, transforming a wide range of business challenges through data management, consultancy, design, development and implementation. 


They have been innovating SAP Banking in a variety of ways since its foundational release, from product design and client implementation, through to in-house development that now make up the now standard SAP solutions. 


The team at bancon is made up of the original architects and developers for SAP Banking and SAP Insurance so arguably, their knowledge and experience is unparalleled in comparison to their competition. However, a lack of brand identity, inconsistent messaging, a poorly designed website and vague case studies did everything opposite of instilling trust into prospective customers.




bancon wanted to expand their client base and attract new business however they lacked a clear brand purpose, had no marketing communication material and a website not optimised for lead generation. Their main channel of communication - LinkedIn - also had very little reach with only 118 followers.


This was coupled with a poor experience with a previous agency that had left client-agency trust at an all time low. While we advised that more needed to be done on the brand strategy before leads could be generated, this was a hard pill to swallow given the expense and resource previously spent, which hadn’t delivered any results.


We went on a process of brand discovery, working with the founders to really get under the skin of who bancon are and why they exist. From there, we were able to unearth the brand purpose and create messaging that positioned bancon as the innovative tech firm they are. 


With this new, clearly defined positioning we began creating fresh content that informs and educates, instilling trust at every level of the purchasing journey.


We’ve given the brand and website a modernised look and feel by expanding the colour palette and creating a design hierarchy contributing to an all round better user experience. The website has been built on a more user friendly CMS, handing the control back to the client for more frequent updates. It is fully optimised for mobile and is already showing a much improved SEO ranking for key search terms.


With a bank of newly designed marketing material, new website, content and clear purpose, we developed a monthly campaign schedule to promote bancon across LinkedIn. 



  • bancon’s LinkedIn company page has seen organic growth of 294% in the first six months.

  • 23% conversion rate from unique users to leads.

  • This increases to 54% when a user enters the website via our designated landing page.

  • Equipped the team with professionally designed marketing material to assist the sales process.

  • Trained the wider team on the new brand positioning providing the confidence they need when posting on LinkedIn, turning employees into brand advocates and widening the reach of bancon’s messaging. 

  • Positioned board directors as thought leaders by securing press coverage in industry specific publications.


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