Introducing a brand new brand and a brand new food into the UK market.


Better Nature is an innovative tempeh brand on a mission to end the suffering caused by the animal protein industry. How? By lifting the lid on the world's best kept plant-based, protein secret. Tempeh. There is a stigma surrounding plant-based food that it's not as rich in protein content as animal based food. The other challenge is the fact that very little is known about tempeh in the UK.


Tempeh (pronounced  tem-pay) is a plant-based protein source from Indonesia that’s super high in protein, fibre, full of  micronutrients and awesome for the gut. Better Nature Tempeh is just as high, and in some cases, has a higher protein content than animal products.

Whilst independent producers have been selling tempeh in the UK since the 1980’s, it was only in March 2019, that Sainsbury’s became the first UK supermarket to stock the food. While making it technically accessible to the masses, a huge education and awareness piece needs to take place before tempeh is adopted by the masses.


For Better Nature, the challenge was therefore not just about introducing a new food brand and trying to gain cut through in a highly saturated and competitive market, but also in introducing a new type of food there is very little pre-exisitng awareness about. 


After providing strategic guidance on the brand positioning, BIG little LDN suggested a methodical and considered multi-channel approach for Better Nature's launch into the UK market. Since September 2019, BIG little LDN have been working as an extension of the Better Nature team providing a wide range of hands on support including, Google Adwords set up, ongoing management and optimisation, PR strategy, outreach and media relations, website user experience advice based on our Google Analytics analysis, content and email marketing strategy.


Given the rising press interest surrounding veganism and start-up culture, BIG little LDN has also run a media training workshop with the Better Nature Co-Founders and other members of the team to ensure they feel more comfortable speaking with journalists and understand how to succinctly get their messages across. 


  • Press coverage secured in The Telegraph, The Grocer, Vegconomist, Plant Based News, Vegworld Magazine, The Know, Places & Faces MagazineHolistic Scotland, Insider Media and Business News Wales

  • Suggested improvements to the online user experience which in turn decreased bounce rate and increased e-commerce conversions.

  • Through Google Ads, we’ve generated an eCommerce conversion rate which is 136% greater than the food and drink industry average.

  • Oversaw press announcements for Better Nature's retail expansion into Planet Organic, As Nature Intended and TheVeganKind Supermarket as well as the product line expansion of the Better Bites (pictured).

  • Delivered a successful, thought-provoking media training workshop with the Co-Founders and other members of the team that encouraged internal discussion and solidified company messaging, identified topic ‘owners’ and helped build up the confidence of those who perhaps at first, didn’t see themselves as natural company spokespeople.


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