Recruitment is one of the most laborious, time consuming, energy draining, profit sucking nessecities of running a business. It’s easy to find people with the right credentials, but credentials only get you half of the way. Enthusiasm, drive and passion are what determines whether a new hire is going to work out or not. However, when you’re a small business, like we are, you can’t afford to take a risk on someone who may or may not work out in six-months time. So what do you do?


You can teach anyone anything,

but you can’t teach enthusiasm.


Never a truer word said in business. Enthusiasm is the difference between success and failure.

So a team of people with determination and fire in their belly will make for a successful business. Right?


Sounds simple enough. 

Fill your team with enthusiastic people.


So where are they all?


They’re rare gems, so when we find them, we keep hold of them, introduce them to the BIG little LDN Talent Incubator and channel that enthusiasm into refining their practical marketing skills.


What is the BIG little LDN Talent Incubator? 

This year, we’ve had the absolute pleasure of taking on two, super keen interns currently in the last few months of their marketing degree. We’ve provided them with a clear training plan, goals and incentives and are mentoring them through a programme designed to fast-track them into the savvy, well-rounded marketeers so when they graduate, they’re leaps and bounds ahead of their peers.


The programme starts with new business development because the basis of every great marketer is a commercially astute sales person. We train them on how to get their foot in the door with companies and once they do, we involve them in the every stage of the sale so they can begin to learn the full end-to-end process. We provide them with a reading list and supply them with business books our senior team didn’t find until much later in their career. By the time they’ve graduated, they will have hands on, real world experience they can either take with them to another company (and where we can, we help that) or depending how successful they’ve been, stay at BIG little LDN to help service the clients they’ve brought into the business.

This would take them onto stage two of the programme. The part where they get to refine their skills in email marketing, social media management, influencer marketing, Google AdWords, Experiential, celebrity PR and events; while also developing strong relationships with our clients as a more permanent member of the team. Whatever the outcome, the senior team at BIG little LDN remain in touch as mentors throughout their careers.


What makes the BIG little LDN Talent Incubator different from any other internship programme is BIG little LDN. Being a start-up means we’re entrepreneurial in spirit and have to be as lean as hell when it comes to client delivery. Our interns have to learn everything because it allows for the responsibility to be shared amongst the team. When responsibility is shared, it makes for a seamless client experience. It removes any barriers or common friction points found at other agencies and means anyone in the team, no matter what their seniority, can pick something up, mid-way, with confidence.


For our young executives, learning the process end-to-end is important for their self development and means they aren't pigeon-holed into one particular job. It empowers them to take control of their own destiny and figure out in an unpressurised environment, where their strengths lie and what they need to improve on. 


Essentially, the BIG little LDN Talent Incubator takes candidates through the same process our Founder went through when she started BIG little LDN. The difference being, our interns are on average nine years younger than our Founder was when she started.


What does that mean for them by the time they get to their mid to late 20’s or even their 30’s?


We’re genuinely excited about the path we’re helping to create for the next generation of marketers and seeing what they can achieve.



As businesses, we have incredible influence to be able to mould the future leaders of our industry. Graduates often leave university with very little hands-on, real world experience which is odd because as under-graduates, they have the capacity to learn these skills alongside their studies. What’s stopping them is a lack of vision. Companies stuck in the old way, who don’t allow the flexibility to work outside of the traditional 9-5.30, Monday to Friday. By offering flexible working around their university studies we're putting the power in their hands to really shape their own destiny in the same way our Founder did.


BIG little LDN only exists because of those hours outside of that traditional working timetable. So if we can achieve all this purely on evenings and weekends then who are we to restrict the next generation from maximising their potential because of something as flexible as time? 


If you like what you just read, believe in our business and see yourself growing with a company like BIG little LDN then have a read of our company values. If you still believe in us after you've read them and want to join the team, then get in touch with this friendly bunch or fill in the form below.

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