Smarter Contracts, a blockchain focussed, software and services consultancy has appointed BIG little LDN to manage and execute their marketing and PR strategy, as the company looks to export their services into the Middle-East and Asia.

Having officially launched in March 2019, Smarter Contracts has already successfully delivered their first project for conglomerate, SGH Global. The Smarter Contracts team designed, built, tested and audited one of the first security tokens on the EOSIO blockchain and the standard to which the project was delivered has led SGH Global to appoint

Smarter Contracts as their official technology partner. With discussions on further projects already underway, Smarter Contracts have identified a need for a structured communications strategy.

As well as SGH Global, Smarter Contracts have a strong pipeline of UK brands keen to adopt blockchain technology into their businesses and look set on becoming one of the fastest growing blockchain technology start-ups in the UK. It is their belief that such growth requires the help of the BIG little LDN team who will manage all external PR including stake-holder appointments, client wins and successful project deliveries. 


BIG little LDN is well versed in working with fast growing companies, but this appointment marks their first technology client. Its brief includes corporate and crisis comms, as well as press, social and brand establishment. They will be the driving force behind Smarter Contracts marketing efforts elevating their profile to a national and international audience, with specific focus on the UK, the Middle-East, Asia and Eurasia.


Emma Founder and CEO of BIG little LDN comments; “Everytime we meet the team at Smarter Contracts they have something new and exciting to share. For a PR agency that’s half the battle won. Quite often start-ups have an interesting story, but that’s not enough. Gaining cut through is tough. What Smarter Contracts are doing is not only a fresh and exciting story to tell but their focus and approach to blockchain and its convergence with other emerging technologies such as IoT and AI, allows their clients tell their own fresh and exciting stories.


They are pioneering new ways of delivering ‘decentralised’ digital business transformation’. It is hugely exciting to see just how much their message and their approach resonates with their clients.  


As a growing company ourselves, Smarter Contracts gives BIG little LDN a competitive edge most rooted agencies are still struggling to understand. As their partner, Smarter Contracts have even given BIG little LDN a fresh perspective to how blockchain is going to transform the marketing industry and we have already taken some of those insights to our own clients to great effect.Knowledge we can then pass on to our clients.”


Wayne Lloyd, Founder and CEO of Smarter Contracts comments, “Smarter Contracts has a motto of ‘best network wins’ and we believe BIG little LDN most definitely shares the same values  we feel we have an agency that shares our vision for the future of business transformation.”


One of BIG little LDN's first roles will be publicising the appointment of Lord Waverley as a Strategic Advisor to the business. A string of other senior leadership announcements will follow as well as a press release about the launch of the SGH Global STO, SGHX. 


For more details on Smarter Contracts visit their website or get in touch via the contact form below.

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