blu MAX


Promote the new blu MAX eCigarette launching exclusively in Brighton by inviting influencers with a high local reach to create a buzz around the blu MAX product, creating interest and intrigue.

Ensure the event was attended by only local press so they could experience the product, meet the team and get immersed in the brand and its values. The objective was to secure press coverage while not overstepping the rules set out by the Advertising Standards Association with regards to the promotion of eCigarettes.


We wanted to create a buzz around the launch. The idea behind the campaign was to MAX yourself, essentially, up-skill. We invited an artist and a GIF photographer to the event to teach our guests new skills and create talk-ability. 


We invited a list of Brighton based journalists, publications and influencers to attend and cover the story of the new product available only to the people of Brighton.

We wrote and shared a press release containing key information about the product and the launch event.


  • Secured main home page image for Absolute Brighton Twitter (13.1k followers) and Facebook page (7.1k likes) to advertise the new product now available in Brighton

  • Mailing sent out to 25,000 subscribers of Absolute Brighton showing the product and where to buy in the city

  • Website feature story (7k page impressions)

  • Four page editorial feature for the Xmas/New Years issue on the brand and where to buy and the new product

  • 31 local influencers and ambassadors in attendance, Instagram posting and live stories.

  • 414,465 total impressions

  • 139,674 total reach

  • 22,796 total engagements (views, likes, comments)

  • 38 Instagram posts

  • 27 Instagram stories

  • 22,493 Instagram story views





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