Convergent Technology is an IT solutions provider to both the corporate and public sector. Their core principle is providing their customers with IT infrastructure and services, which improve performance, increase availability and enhance security. However, competition in this industry is tough and with such a wide service offering and multiple unique selling points, Convergent Technology was finding it difficult to convey their message in a short, simple and visual way in order to attract new business. 


Working with Convergent Technology, we created a sales presentation deck, designed to communicate what the company does, the services they provide and their unique selling points in just a few slides.


Consisting of a title page, three content pages and a closing contact us page, we managed to curate a lot of necessary information, amongst engaging imagery for a final result that was easy on the eye and simple to understand.

Initially the job was to simply take existing copy and design it into the presentation format, however we tested the copy with the target audience and they felt it could have been made even clearer and so, with the client's permission, we reworked the copy, constantly checking back with the client to make sure it was still explaining the highly technical information it needed to. 


  • Feedback on the sales deck has been really positive mainly because it's brief and doesn't contain a lot of confusing IT technical jargon and because of the simple, clean layout. 

  • The deck has also been used as part of the training pack for new starters as it contains all the unique selling points and services in one place and is easy for them to refer back to when speaking to prospects and clients.


"Convergent Technology engaged with Big little London to design and prepare a sales deck around the services we provide, our USP’s, and to give a flavour of our company culture/ethos to prospective clients.


Emma was extremely helpful throughout, giving us lots of guidance around the content, clarity of the message we were trying to get across, and layout of the document.


She was not afraid to tell us where we were wrong, and where our content was too generic!


The service overall was extremely good, deadlines were met, queries were dealt with promptly, and the pricing was very reasonable.


Compared to previous companies we have used the experience was far superior.


We would definitely recommend BIG little London!"

Pete Fewster, Finance Director

Convergent Technology Ltd


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