The business is founded on a strong ethos that every child, no matter what their social, economical status should have the opportunity to receive private tuition. Their second belief is that learning should be fun. The more a child is engaged with their tutor, the more they will learn. That’s why they employ undergraduates or recent graduates to adopt their contemporary style of teaching. What’s more, every tutor is personally interviewed before being hired to ensure they align with the Manning’s core beliefs.

Despite having this great story, it wasn't being told.

Manning’s faced tough competition from larger tutoring agencies with bigger marketing budgets.

Manning's Tutors logo

The website was outdated with poor customer experience (UX) design and no blog. There was very little social media presence.


They needed to increase the number of private clients by 108% and increase the number of school/academy clients by 25%.

They also needed to generate new business in pre-defined pockets of London with little current customer presence.


Portico Advent Calendar partnership with Mannig's Tutors

Research into the market and wrote an annual marketing plan for the business.


Helped with the UX and redesign of the new website and created social media profiles on LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube and Glassdoor


We created and executed an email marketing schedule to engage with current and prospective customers.


Founded a partnership with Portico Estate Agents to attract new business and fill the gaps of those pre-defined areas of London with little customer presence


The website:​ first two months

  • Over 3,000 page impressions 

  • 850 Unique Users

  • 3 pages per session

  • 2 mins average time spent on site 

Social Media: first two months

  • Created a Facebook and LinkedIn presence for the business

  • Seven, five star reviews across Facebook and Google

Email Marketing:

  • Average open rate 50% (industry av.  18%)

  • Average CTR 8%

Manning's Tutors website mocked up on screen
Manning's Tutors example email
Portico plces Bethnal Green focus on Manning's Tutors
Manning's Tutors example emil to get more reviews on Goole and Facebook


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