Increase sales of a business built on 15 years of little structure or strategy. 


Customer information was scattered across unstructured formats and money was being wasted on un-targeted Google Adwords campaigns. 


Google Analytics was not installed on the e-commerce website, meaning they were unable to track customer journeys or the ROI on Adwords and the website contained dead pages and too many distractions along the purchase funnel meaning the opportunity to generate revenue was not being maximised.


We analysed historical sales data and set  monthly targets based on seasonal trends. We also looked at the historical ROI on marketing spend to set a budget based on 2017/18 sales targets.


We took over the management of Google Adwords, implemented Google Analytics and analysed traffic to understand where customers where coming from, what they were clicking, what they weren't and where they are being lost in the purchasing journey. 


Based on how customers were currently using the website, we created a wireframe for new website, designed to improve the customer experience and increase online sales. This included SEO friendly URL structuring. (This has not yet been implemented). 


Google Adwords:​

  • Increasing CTR from 1.2% to 8.09% (industry average 2.7%)

  • Generated £18,000 in quotes in the first two months (spend was circa £400)

New Webpage:

  • Generated in excess of £15,000 in quotes in first three months of changing the function of a page previously not generating any page impressions. 


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