The following trailers provide a sneak peak into the full feature film which can be found on The Drum website

Gordon Young, Founder and Editor of The Drum, outlines the campaign mission and what it was set out to achieve.

In this short, Emma Critchley-Lloyd, Founder of BIG little LDN, talks about the Class of 2021 platform and touches on the quality of work uploaded by the student graduates. Click the button above to watch the full film and hear her feedback on some of the extraordinary work that was submitted.

"The Drum x Canon Class of 2021 exhibition was one that meant a lot to me personally. Having graduated from Fine Art, I know too well just how important that final degree show is. In many ways, it helped shape my career. I can't begin to imagine how disappointed this year's graduates must have been when they learnt they could not express themselves one last time. 


This exhibition was not only important for the students, but it's important for our industry. If we're going to find the very best people for the job, we can't expect that they'll always be in a world renown art school, or their degree show will be in a convenient location by our office. This campaign brought the next generation of creatives and strategists together, giving us a chance to view them all , in our own time, on a level playing field. 

It was an absolute pleasure to sit down and re-connect with the team at The Drum. I couldn't have asked for a better bunch of people to have my first in-person interview with after 18-months of virtual discussions."

Emma Critchley-Lloyd, Founder, BIG little LDN