So you wanna be a big shot?

BIG Shot is an opportunity for under 18's to get real life experience working with a creative PR, social media and influencer agency.

We are recruiting a troop of Gen Z-ers (born after 1997) to help guide brands who want to promote their products and services to young people. Who better to help them, than people actually your age? 

We started BIG Shot to help brands ensure their campaigns resonate with the right audiences, but also to give young people a platform to have their opinions, ideas and perspectives heard - while also providing hands-on work experience. 

So, what’s in it for you?

•   Share your ideas, opinions and perspectives with BIG brands 

•   Get real, hands-on work experience at a marketing and social media agency - not just making cups of tea!

•   Learn how to create social content that grabs attention 

•   Exposure to the world of work which is super valuable for further education applications and future jobs 

•   Build your LinkedIn profile and add us as your first professional experience

•   Use BIG little LDN as a reference for your next job interview*

•   If you prove yourself as a BIG Shot, you’ll have the opportunity to turn this into a part-time job or apprenticeship*


*Depending on your performance and/or your engagement with BIG Shot 


What we will need from you


•   Each month we will pick a particular topic or trend and ask you to create at least 1 x 1 minute social video to share your point of view in response to that topic or trend. The more creative you get, the better. Want to film it as a TikTok? Do it. Want to film it as an IG Reel? Do it. Want to just film it on your phone - that’s cool too.

•   Be open to joining idea sessions (virtually or IRL) 

•   Help us create TikTok content for BIG little LDN’s channel

•   Come to us with suggestions, new trends and ideas to improve our TikTok and other owned channels


You’ll need to be able to


•   Have the ability to film content (a good quality camera phone is fine)

•   Be comfortable in-front of the camera and confident sharing your opinions

•   Be curious, chatty and passionate. We can teach you most things, but we can’t teach enthusiasm. That’s just something you either have or you don’t.


Interested in becoming a BIG Shot? Fill in the application form below and tell us why we should choose you.

If your TikTok account is private or you don’t have an account, you can send us a private YouTube video or simply just fill in the message box. Any supporting material for your application can be emailed to

We only have 20 places so the more creative you are, the better.


IG: @biglittleldn

TikTok: @biglittleldn

Speak up - get your thoughts and opinions heard on matters that matter most to you!

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