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At BIG Little LDN we like to provide new and growing businesses with simple, real-world marketing expertise. BIG stuff, that puts you firmly in the driving seat and delivers real bang for buck.

So we’ll review your social channels in a FREE discovery workshop, to uncover how you can make your brand more visible and more valuable.


Social media


Your social media presence is just as important to your business as your website. Your brand doesn’t have to be on every social channel, but the right ones can be where customers expect to engage with you first, and most often.

We make it easy for you to harness social media, so you can create and maintain authentic, engaging experiences for your audiences, that continuously add to your brand trust and equity.


What we bring
to your table

  • Social media audit
    Want to know what’s working well and what needs improving? Our social media experts can identify hot spots and weak points across your brand’s social channels in moments.
  • Channel analysis
    Of course, it’s important to have a social media presence, but there’s no need to be on every single channel. We'll review the performance of your existing channels, the audience you're trying to attract and build a strategy that drives engagement on the channels that matter the most.
  • Campaign strategy
    Over a decade of experience means we know the strategies and mechanics that get your target audience engaged and deliver the biggest bang for your buck, whether your objective is social engagement, first-party data acquisition or sales.
  • Social design
    Social media isn’t just another tick box and content formats are continuously changing, which means the designs that worked for you last month, may not be working today. We stay up to date with these changes, ensuring your channels are always optimised for the latest algorithm.
  • LinkedIn B2B lead generation
    Connect with your target audience on the social media platform for professionals. B2B lead generation is one of our specialities. We work with brands to help encourage organic and paid lead generation through strategic consumer funnels.
  • User generated content (UGC)
    User-generated content creates authenticity and brand trust in the minds of consumers. Ads that don’t feel like ads, influencers, consumers and social media content creators all have the skills and know-how to create engaging content that can be repurposed on your brand’s own channels.
  • TikTok growth strategy
    Our in-house resident Gen-Z’ers Maya and Lili, are our TikTok natives. Unlike the generations before them, social media has been an ‘always there’ in their lives. They have grown up with platforms ingrained into their mindsets and have a natural talent of knowing what works, and what doesn’t.
  • Influencer content
    We negotiate with our influencers to ensure you get the additional usage rights you need to use influencer content on your own channels and then define the campaign strategy to ensure it delivers the greatest ROI.

BIG results


Click through

‘Going further with EV’
ALA Insurance


increase in
brand channel

‘NC500 Road Trip’
ALA Insurance



organic reach

ALA Insurance

social media
health check

Want to drive more sales, take your first leap into TikTok or find out why you’ve not gone viral yet? Find out about our FREE social media health check that'll identify opportunities to make your brand more visible and more valuable.

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