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B2B lead generation

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The background

bancon, a certified SAP and SAP Fioneer partner, first approached BIG little LDN in 2019 looking for an agency who could act as their marketing department. Specifically, the company was looking for lead generation, but the brand was not ‘lead ready’. Their lack of brand identity led to confused messaging, poor web experience and little LinkedIn traction. 

Since then, BIG little LDN has worked with bancon to create a defined message and corporate identity wrapped up in a fit for purpose website, capable of generating leads. However, despite these foundations, bancon lacked the regular flow of content that was going to entice potential clients and industry peers to discover and engage with the company.

The BIG solution

We created an editorial campaign plan, with each month focusing on a particular area of the business for example, SAP Fioneer Virtual Account Management, Data Migration and System Landscape Optimisation. We opened the floor up and as part of our “Meet The Team” series, have humanised the company bringing to life its products, services and culture through the people themselves.

We productised their services, creating a varied range of content including explainer videos, infographics and articles, all designed to drive people to our downloadable eBooks, which prompt conversations with new business prospects. 

BIG Results

Since implementing, we have seen a significant increase in LinkedIn followers, engagement and website traffic as well as anecdotal feedback from industry peers who have reported to the bancon team how much they enjoy reading the new articles and team interviews.


Increase in website session duration

1st March - 1st July 2022


Leads generated

Up until 1st July 2022


New LinkedIn Followers

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