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The background

As a brand new career mentoring platform, Stay Nimble offers users a seven-day free trial before presenting three month, 12-month and lifetime subscription options.

During the seven-day free trial, communication was infrequent, impersonal and did not highlight the value exchange in return for the user's data. As a result, email open and click through rates were low, which translated to a low conversion to paid subscription.

The Stay Nimble platform has a wealth of content in the form of personal assessments and a six part Career Changers Programme. Upon completion, each user receives a highly personal report, designed to uncover deeper insights about that person's strengths, limitations and how best to use these to steer their career in a new direction. However, neither these features, the benefits of the platform, or their progress were being communicated.

With so many variables and no linear journey, the challenge was to ensure we created a hyper-personalised email experience that only showed content based on what the user had or hadn’t done within their profile. To add further complexity, an email template with so many variables would be prone to breaking. Different service providers render code in different ways, not to mention ensuring it was optimising for every device.

The BIG solution

We needed to transform email communication, making them exciting, personal and persuasive. With so many paths to take within the platform itself, we needed to identify what would be the most logical and compelling journey for a user on their free trial.

We identified the self assessments as the most compelling content in which to engage users on a free trial. These assessments cover Creative Problem Solving, Organisation Skills, Interpersonal Communication Skills and Career Motivation and through a series of low involvement, multiple choice questions users are presented with their score out of 100 as well as an insightful summary as to what it means to them. Upgrading to a paid subscription allows users to see their score, their summary as well as further in-depth reports and analysis about how to use these to advance their career.

We wanted these assessments to be a consistent staple of the emails as they highlighted the personal results, and unique progression of each user.

Their uniqueness would serve to encourage people to log into the platform more frequently during their free trial by showing off the greatest value exchange - deeper insight about you.

Our process:

  • Mapped out the user journey including frequency
  • Created rules and messaging for every single eventuality, ensuring no user would ever see the same message more than once
  • Linked the user fields in Intercom to user fields in Mailchimp so personalised data could be pulled through into the emails
  • Coded 12 bespoke HTML Mailchimp email templates
  • Sourced refreshing stock imagery to accompany the copy
  • Litmus tested all emails on all major platforms and devices
  • Uploaded the emails to an automated campaign in Mailchimp and set the entry trigger

BIG Results


Increase in open rate


Increase in click through rate


Compatibility across all devices and email service providers.

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