How to write a press release

How to write a press release


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How to write a press release

The power of good press is priceless for your organisation, but how do you secure press coverage for your business?

It all starts with a newsworthy story and we don't mean something you think is newsworthy because it's important to you. We mean something that genuinely, if you were to think independently of your business, remove your agenda, any bias and put yourself in the shoes of the person who will be reading that publication.

Then you need to consider the competition. The competition for a journalists attention and for page space. What sort of stories do they usually cover? Where does your story rank against this? Is it national? Is it local? Is it business to business or business to consumer? These are just a few elements to consider, but once you've considered everything and you still believe it's newsworthy, then you need to explain it succinctly, putting the hook forefront and centre. Journalists are time-poor, gone are the days they had time to trawl through your press release to uncover the story. In today's digital first world, it must be served up on a silver platter. So how do you write a press release?

There is a set format and structure to a press release for a reason. Journalists recognise it, and unless you have a story of such national importance, you need a press release. It's your way of being able to control the narrative so your story is interpreted in the way it's intended.

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