Marketing and PR for bars and restaurants

Marketing and PR for bars and restaurants


Brand Strategy

Marketing and PR for bars and restaurants

We were tasked with putting Golazio, a brand-new bar, on the quiet end of Camberwell Road, on the map. Working closely with the owner, who has no previous hospitality experience, BIG little LDN needed to create and establish the Golazio brand and create talkability amongst the local community, football fans and the press in the run-up to its opening.

This was start-up hospitality in its purest form but together we created a bar that has seen people come from as far as Leeds and Manchester especially to sit at the quiet end of Camberwell Road, drink Italian craft beer, eat giant slices of San Nicola, Luigi Ferraris, or Stadio Olimpico, watch classic Serie A games and pee while Pavarotti belts out Nessun Dorma in the toilets.

So how can you replicate this growth for your own bar or restaurant and generate the footfall you need to stay open past year one?

What to expect:

  • How to understand your niche
  • Creating a community - how to involve everyone from staff to customers, partners and associates to feel included as one
  • The importance of networking (and being a nice person in general)
  • Meeting customer expectations
  • Events that get people talking

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