Going further with EV

ALA Insurance

Going further with EV

Influencer marketing

Social media

ALA Insurance

The background

ALA Insurance wanted to stand out on social and educate new and existing customers about their policies for electric vehicles including GAP insurance and EV One RAC Warranty.

The key objectives were to boost traffic to the ALA Insurance website and drive sales of new ALA Insurance policies. 

The BIG solution

We partnered with travel influencer @sheisthelostgirl to put three of the most popular EVs to the test, on a series of road trips across the UK. Tapping into the owners of the Nissan Leaf, BMW i3 and Hyundai Ioniq 5*, they shared travel tips, itineraries and EV charging points to help EV owners to plan their next perfect road trip. 

Amongst this, we shared EV facts, polls and tips to educate our audience and drive awareness of the importance of protecting their EV with ALA GAP Insurance and EV One RAC Warranty.

Rhinefield Ornamental Drive, New Forest National Park, BMW i3

BIG Results

This became ALA Insurance’s most engaged campaign with an incredible 22% engagement rate - over 19% higher than the industry average.

The videos reached over 40,000 new accounts, going viral on the Instagram discovery page, leading to just under 1,000 new visits to the @alainsurance Instagram channel and a 16% CTR to the website.

Qualitative results in the form of new follower comments also revealed strong purchasing intent of ALA Insurance new electric vehicle products.


engagement rate

Over 19% higher than the industry average.


New accounts reached


Click through rate

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