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Unleash Your Better Nature

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Better Nature

The background

Our task was three-fold. Better Nature needed to educate a wider audience of flexitarians about what tempeh is, as it was still a relatively unknown food product in the UK, and convince them to buy, while simultaneously increasing social engagement on Instagram. Why? Because they needed to show the bigger retailers they were investing in their brand and able to attract a mass market audience in order to secure a listing.

The BIG solution

Prior to this, we worked with Better Nature to commission a piece of research on eating habits. It revealed that when we totally immerse ourselves into our food, our bodies can absorb more of the nutritional value. On the flip side, the research also found that as a nation, we have been conditioned to eat in a certain way that doesn’t allow for this total immersion into our food.

As an inclusive brand and producing the highest nutritionally valuable vegan food product, this was an opportunity to let both the brand qualities and those of the products shine through.

‘Unleash your Better Nature’, became our BIG idea.

We identified influencer marketing as being the channel where Better Nature could get the BIGGEST bang for their buck. We enlisted four influencers to create a super engaging burst of activity to gain talk-ability, attract new followers and build purchase intention.

Each influencer created their own delicious recipe, using one of the hero Better Nature tempeh products. Each week, we held a ‘cook off’ where the influencers’ audience would vote for their favourite recipe. However, the only way to translate across Instagram how delicious the recipe was, was by filming themselves completely immersed in the food, enjoying it as if no one was watching.

Followers were encouraged by the influencers to vote for them over on the Better Nature channel.

Each week, one influencer was voted out until we had our ultimate winner.

BIG Results

This mechanic proved to be very popular, the carefully selected influencers were wonderfully competitive resulting in friendly rivalry between their fellow competitors gaining additional, uncontracted posts and stories where they were drumming up entries from their followers.

And we were thrilled to see BIG results.


sales conversion rate


campaign engagement


follower uplift (on the Better Nature Instagram channel)

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