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The background

ALA Insurance approached us in 2020 to help them establish a brand presence on Instagram that would drive engagement and consideration amongst a new demographic of vehicle owners.

This campaign needed to reframe GAP Insurance from being a rational financial services product into an emotional lifestyle choice.

The BIG solution

The experience you go through when you find out your vehicle is written off or stolen is highly stressful. Equally, driving itself can also be a stressful experience. While ALA GAP Insurance can't help with the kids screaming in the back, they can provide their audience with content they can use to help them gain greater control of their emotions while at the same time, instilling that same feeling of inner calm you have when you know you've got GAP Insurance.

Working with renowned self development and manifestation expert Roxie Nafousi and mindful breathing coach Martin Covill, the campaign ran across a two month period, tying in with the "New year, new me" mindset of January and February.

Every Monday throughout January, Roxie Nafousi took over the ALA Instagram channel and provided a live workshop in Goal Setting, Mantras, Meditation and Mindfulness.

In February, Martin Covill carried out a Mindful Breathing 21-Day Challenge designed to go a level deeper by sharing different breathing techniques through guided sessions and explaining how they can be used most effectively depending on the situation we find ourselves in.

Each workshop and mindful breathing session was supported by a series of top tips and Instagram Story cut downs of the full sessions. Roxie also provided a guest blog post for the ALA Insurance website and a series of Instagram Stories with a swipe up to receive a 10% discount.

BIG Results

The campaign generated over 30 pieces of unique content for the ALA Insurance Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and website. Content was seeded across the influencers own networks and generated new customer enquiries using the campaign discount code.


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