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NC500 Road Trip

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The background

In Summer 2021, our mission was to place ALA GAP Insurance at the centre of the growing social conversation about UK road trips, a result born out of the boom in staycations created by the pandemic. We recognised the increasing reliance this placed upon our vehicles, and so wanted to create a social campaign that educated vehicle owners on the steps they can take to protect their investment before setting off on long trips, whilst providing inspiring and entertaining content to help them plan their own journeys.

The BIG solution

The boom of the #Vanlife trend has seen an increasing number of people converting, then holidaying in - or living in - in their own campervans (the #Vanlife search on Instagram now contains over 7 million posts, up 312% from 2017).

Beth Johnstone, AKA @SheIsTheLostGirl, is a digital nomad and travel blogger known for documenting her own Vanlife experiences became ALA Insurance's newest advocate. We worked with Beth, documenting her journey across Scotland's famous NC500 route on Instagram and Facebook. Together we created staycation packing guides, a road trip itinerary, a photo series and an Instagram Guide. Beth also hosted an interactive Q&A session with a mechanic designed to get more Vanlife enthusiast to follow ALA Insurance. The campaign wrapped up with a two minute film of the stunning NC500 scenery.

While escaping in Beth's content, our audience also got to learn about GAP Insurance and its importance in protecting vehicles when on the road. Beth's followers were also able to swipe up and receive a 10% discount off their own policy.

BIG Results

The campaign generated huge volumes of traffic from @SheIsTheLostGirl to the @ALAInsurance Instagram channel, with content receiving high engagement and impressions amongst vehicle owners.

The campaign also caught the eye of other influential channels in the travel and campervan community, with content reshared by accounts such as @VanLifeShoot (98,500 followers) and @StaycationScotland (17,000 followers).


increase in brand channel views


additional reach through organic re-shares.


visits to ALA Insurance Instagram


reach across Instagram and Facebook.

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