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Not just a nice to have

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The background

Insight that led us to our campaign messaging and creative was the understanding that for a thrifty audience, anything over £100 is a more considered purchase and could be brushed off as just a nice to have. With the average three year ALA GAP Insurance policy costing £209, this campaign needed to lead with the emotive rationale and money saving potential of GAP Insurance. 

We needed to educate this new, money conscious audience about what ALA GAP Insurance is while positioning the product as an essential purchase for motorists - “Not just a nice to have.”

The key objectives was to boost traffic to the ALA Insurance website and drive sales of new ALA Insurance policies. 

The BIG solution

We launched a series of three short films for Instagram and YouTube with thrifty lifestyle influencer, Anna Lawlor (@thelongmum). The storyline followed Anna’s journey from when she found out about GAP Insurance, why she got a policy, what it covers and the peace of mind she now feels knowing she is 100% financially protected should the worst happen.

BIG Results

This was the forth campaign ALA Insurance launched with @thelongmum over an eight month period. The campaign was entirely organic and comments indicated many followers had been engaging with our branded content throughout, sharing how Anna had helped them understand what GAP insurance is, why it’s important and sharing an intent to buy.


purchase consideration

Average is 0.22%


Click to quote conversion rate


Quote to sale conversion rate

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