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The background

ALA GAP Insurance has the potential to save motorists thousands of pounds in the event their vehicle is written off or stolen. The challenge is, not many motorists know what GAP Insurance is and how it protects 100% of what you originally paid fr your vehicle if it’s involved in a total loss claim. Those that do know about it are often first informed at the time of purchase at the dealership - where policy prices can be unnecessarily inflated by up to 75%. 

ALA Insurance needed an integrated PR, influencer and social media campaign that educated motorists on what GAP Insurance is, while highlighting how much money it could save them.

The BIG solution

We conducted research with YouGov, surveying 200 vehicle owners asking them a series of questions that would help us understand the percentage of the UK who had a vehicle lost or stolen in the last five years, how much they had originally bought that vehicle for and how much their comprehensive insurer paid out in the total loss claim. The results gave us our PR hook.

The survey revealed that 59% of motorists had never heard of GAP Insurance, only 9% have GAP Insurance, yet 12% (approx 6,350,000 motorists) have experienced their vehicle being written off or stolen. Of those people, only 17% were able to afford a like-for-like vehicle replacement using the comprehensive insurance payout alone. The results of the YouGov survey found that the average motorist looses £6,000 on the original purchase value of the vehicle when it is involved in a total loss claim. This loss is in part the depreciation, but also down to insurers paying out less than the vehicle's current market value.

To give this story the time and reach it needed, we enlisted the help of Anna Lawlor (@Thelongmum) and Louise Boyce (@Mamastillgotit_). The two Mummy influencers had previously partnered with ALA Insurance so we filmed them having a genuine Facetime style conversation about their total loss experiences, what they’ve learnt about ALA GAP Insurance and the peace of mind they now have being 100% financially protected. 

‘Conversations with Anna and Louise’ was a three part series for Instagram, Facebook and YouTube, each week taking their audiences on a journey of discovery with the brand, bringing to life some of the stats from the YouGov survey and pushing their followers along the consideration and purchasing funnel. Each influencer was given a bespoke trailer edited with their 'best of' moments for their own Feeds and Instagram Stories with the CTA to watch the full films over on the ALA Insurance Instagram channel.

BIG Results

We secured a press exclusive with one of the worlds top ten news websites, The Express while also securing secondary coverage on popular motoring sites Piston Heads and Honest John - all contained links back to

Across social, engagement was purely organic and reached over 88,740 impressions, 587 visits to the ALA Insurance Instagram channel, 319 new visits to the ALA website and with an engagement rate of 17% - 14% higher than the average for brand campaigns. This campaign is a great example of how to be clever and creative with budget and getting the most bang for buck out of the content produced.


Organic impressions


Million media reach

The Express, Piston Heads and Honest John


Engagement rate

Average for branded campaigns is 3%


Quote to sale conversion rate

Similar figures to what ALA Insurance experience with some of their other motoring affiliates

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