What will you save?

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What will you save?

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ALA Insurance

The background

ALA GAP Insurance can cost up to 75% less expensive than dealerships, for the same, and in some instances, an even better policy. The challenge is, dealerships have a monopoly on the GAP Insurance market due to their proximity to the motorist at the time they buy their vehicle. This paired with low product awareness (only 9% of motorists know what GAP Insurance is) means that motorists either purchase from the dealership, or are put off by the price and do not seek to engage with other providers because of their low product awareness. 

ALA Insurance needed a campaign that educated consumers about GAP Insurance, relayed some of the benefits while positioning them as the best value on the market in comparison to vehicle dealerships.

The key objectives were to boost traffic to the ALA website and drive sales of new ALA Insurance policies.

The BIG solution


We wanted this campaign to capture that feeling you get when you know you’ve got a good deal, when you know you haven’t bee ripped off, all while you know you haven’t compromised on still being 100% financially protected.

The feeling of being smart.

The feeling of winning.

We knew that in order to educate a new audience about what GAP insurance is, while convincing them it is something they need, was going to be a tall order when attention spans on social media are so brief. 

We knew if we could maintain watching engagement up to 10 seconds, our audience would be more likely to watch the film in its entirety and get to our CTA.


What Will You Save, the social gameshow hosted by thrifty mummy influencer, Anna Lawlor (@TheLongMum). Anna featured in a series of bold, snappy films across the ALA Insurance Instagram, Facebook and YouTube as well as Anna’s own Instagram. 

The campaign was uniquely stylised, so as not appear like a brand ad and maintain higher engagement rates. Our two hero films were supported by shorter cut downs that were turned into gifs and peppered on social throughout the campaign period.

In addition to Anna, we also hired a group of actors to pose as other winning ‘contestants’. In doing so, we maximised the shoot day capturing further content we could use to support the wider campaign.

BIG Results

The campaign was purely organic with no additional paid spend or boosted posts. It drove 660 new visits to the ALA Insurance website, while Anna’s unique discount code generated over 60 quotes with a conversion rate of 10% - a result which is in line with ALA Insurance’s other motoring affiliate partners.

We also saw a whopping 12% engagement rate, (9% above the industry standard for branded influencer campaigns) and generated enthusiastic social conversations online, seeing 100% positive/neutral comments and ‘purchase intent’ comments.


Quotes generated


Conversion rate

In line with other motoring affiliates


Engagement rate

9% above the industry average

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