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Your Life

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The background

ALA Insurance approached us in 2020 to help them establish a brand presence on Instagram that would drive engagement and consideration amongst a new demographic of vehicle owners.

Specifically, the campaign needed to break down the barrier of confusion about what GAP Insurance is and how it can benefit your life.

The BIG solution

Our vehicle's are so much more than just something to get us from A to B. They're our extra storage, the kids taxi, the last minute dash to the shops, even just a means to escape. However, and as often is the case in life, we don't know what we've got until it's gone. This includes the features and benefits of our vehicle that make life just that bit easier, more convenient or more comfortable.

The star of the campaign is Model, Blogger and Podcast host Louise Boyce, a.k.a Mama Still Got It. We challenged Louise to find a replacement car, but only with the money she would have received from her comprehensive insurance pay out. The four part social film series follows Louise as she tries to carry on with everyday tasks that are now more tricky, highlighting just how important GAP Insurance is.

The campaign was supported by a teaser film featuring the four pain points Louise had to navigate in her replacement car and a series of @Mamastillgotit Instagram Stories, encouraging followers to swipe up for a 10% discount on the ALA Insurance website.

BIG Results

Your Life was a breakthrough change in how ALA Insurance communicated with and acquired customers, setting precedent for how the industry should utilise Instagram for brand differentiation and sales. ALA Insurance is now the leader when it comes to utilising the power of brand parters on social media for sales, customer engagement and even recruitment for the insurance industry.

For context, the top ten UK motor insurance companies all have poor organic reach, low engagement (1%). Many of who still do not design content correctly for the channel.

GAP Insurance is a niche, considered purchase, it’s not a legal requirement and has multiple barriers to entry (must be purchased within six-months of vehicle purchase, vehicle under 10-years old and less than 100,000 miles) making the results of this campaign even more outstanding.







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