Marks & Spencer Tops YouGov’s Christmas Ad Awareness for 2024

Marks & Spencer Tops YouGov’s Christmas Ad Awareness for 2024

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Marks & Spencer Tops YouGov’s Christmas Ad Awareness for 2024

The results are in, and Marks & Spencer emerges as the clear winner in YouGov’s Christmas campaign tracker for 2023, dominating the Ad Awareness charts for Christmas 2024. The renowned British retailer's grocery arm secured the top spot with an impressive score of 47.0, marking a substantial improvement of +20.9 points since November 1st, where it started at 26.1.

Marks & Spencer shook up the holiday advertising landscape with its controversial Christmas ad released on the first day of November 2023. Featuring stars like Hannah Waddingham, Sophie Ellis-Bextor, Zawe Ashton, and Tan France, the retailer's feel-good advert challenged traditional Christmas norms, sparking both enthusiasm and controversy.

This isn't just another Christmas ad...

In a closely contested battle for consumer attention, Marks & Spencer outshone its nearest competitor, McDonald’s, by securing a final score of 44.5 on December 31, 2023. The victory was even more noteworthy as Marks & Spencer not only claimed the top spot but also secured a fourth position with a score of 38.3, trailing just behind Aldi (38.5) and ahead of Tesco (38.0).

Marks' success extends beyond the supermarket sector, as Marks & Spencer's High Street Fashion arm secured the second spot with a notable score improvement of +3.9 points.

And the most improved ad goes to...

Marks & Spencer! M&S's stellar performance in the Ad Awareness tracker also earned it the coveted title of "Most Improved" for 2023. With a remarkable +4.8 improvement on its final 2022 scores of 42.2, Marks & Spencer demonstrated an unparalleled commitment to captivating the audience during the festive season.

Other top performers

While Marks & Spencer stole the spotlight, other notable brands also experienced improvements in their Ad Awareness scores. Amazon witnessed a commendable improvement of 2.0 points compared to 2022, reflecting the e-commerce giant's successful holiday marketing strategy. Waitrose also showed a positive uplift of 1.7, further establishing its presence in the competitive holiday advertising landscape. Apple secured the fifth position with an improved score of 1.6, showcasing the tech giant's effective approach in capturing consumer attention during the festive period.

As the curtain officially falls on the festive season, Marks & Spencer stands tall as the brand that successfully claimed the most eyeballs and hearts during Christmas 2024.

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