What Gen Z want from food brands in 2024

What Gen Z want from food brands in 2024

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What Gen Z want from food brands in 2024

At BIG little LDN, we’re all about getting into the latest trends, but we can't just focus on the current moment; we need to know what people will be into next. It's about staying ahead of the game.

With the help of our BIG Shot crew, our latest research has been compiled through the lens of the most open, socially conscious and environmentally aware generation; Gen Z. Featuring insights from our very own BIG Shots, and forecasts for 2024 throughout, it makes for an interesting read.

And who doesn’t love thinking about food…?!

Our packed report covers a range of topics and useful insights, from how eating habits are influenced to the non-negotiable brand relationships this generation looks for. You’ll hear more from our Gen Z panel, BIG Shot, plus find out more about the author behind the report and the recommendations for every food and drink brand looking to engage this audience.

Topics include:

Who are Gen Z?
Learn more about the digital natives shaping new trends

Health over wealth
What is influencing Gen Z eating habits?

Food for thought
Discover the latest food trends that are popular amongst Gen Z

To drink or not to drink?
The non-negotiable brands that the BIG Shots consistently opt for

Sustain the planet or the bank account
Now shopping independently, will Gen Z prioritise saving the planet or be more concerned about costs?

Want to find out how BIG Shot can help your brand and socials resonate with Gen Z? Speak to Maya and Alice.

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