The Ultimate Guide to PR Services: Everything You Need to Know

The Ultimate Guide to PR Services: Everything You Need to Know


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The Ultimate Guide to PR Services: Everything You Need to Know

Public Relations (PR) services are an essential marketing tool for businesses looking to build and maintain a positive public image. Our ultimate guide has been created to give you a deeper understanding of the work that goes into PR, from what the services are, to how to choose the best agency for your business.

What are PR services?

PR services are a great way of getting a bigger bang for your buck when it comes to building and maintaining a stellar brand image.  

At their core, PR services help to manage the spread of information between an organisation and the public. This could be through various ways including, media relations, crisis management, events, press releases and personal branding.

Why are PR services important?

PR creates brand buzz and impact, giving brands the opportunity to spread messages that resonate and reinforce their reputation.  

Brand Reputation: Your brand’s reputation is everything. PR will help you to not only to build, but also protect your brand’s reputation.

Media Coverage: Want to make headlines? PR will give you the attention your brand is looking for. By cementing strong relationships with journalists and outlets, you can gain media attention and coverage to maximise your exposure.

Crisis Management: Not everything in life is going to be smooth sailing, especially in business. When things go wrong you may need an expert PR team on-hand to help navigate negative publicity and crises effectively.


Types of PR services

Each PR service is a powerhouse in its own right, designed to boost your brand's image, manage your public presence, and engage your audience. An effective press strategy will translate your values, mission, and achievements to the public. This can be done in many ways, including:

Media Relations: building relationships with journalists and media outlets is crucial to amplify your reach, enhance your credibility and to ensure that your brand and products are being told in the best possible way.

Crisis Communication: Crisis communication is your brand’s lifeline when the unexpected happens – it’s important that your business’ spokespeople have expert training to handle public crises and mitigating damage.

Event Management: Ownable events that create buzz for your brand. Whether its new stores opening, product launches or conferences, think of them as the ultimate stage for showcasing your brand’s personality, products, and values.

Commissioned research: Relevant commissioned research from a third party like YouGov can provide a captivating hook to get your brand in the news and front of mind.

Data analysis: Sometimes you can be holding valuable information that, with the right permissions, can create powerful headlines. That’s where data analysis comes in – analysing data and transforming it into news stories.

PR Strategy: Your PR strategy is the robust backbone  for creating compelling messaging that transfers your brand voice to the media.

Personal branding: If your personal brand is in order, it will reinforce your brand identity, credibility and ultimately drive more eyes to your business.  

How to choose a PR agency

Award-winning results come from effective communication, and this is only possible when a brand chooses the right PR agency for the services required. This is why it is important to look for:

Experience: Look for agencies with experience in your industry. An experienced agency understands the nuances of your market and can leverage their expertise to craft impactful strategies tailored to your brand.

Reputation: Check agencies reviews, testimonials and success stories. An agency with a strong reputation and happy clients is more likely to deliver outstanding results.  

Services: Ensure that the agency offers the specific PR services you need.

Budget: While quality PR services are an investment, make sure the agency’s fees align with your budget. Look for an agency that offers good value for money without compromising on the quality of their services.

Results-Oriented: Choose an agency that is focused on delivering measurable results. They should set clear goals, use data-driven strategies, and provide detailed reports to track the success of their PR campaigns.

Get PR Ready!

Effective PR not only boosts media coverage but also drives sales and fuels growth, ensuring your brand stays ahead of the curve. Each service is a powerhouse for any business aiming to amplify its public image and master the art of communication. By skilfully managing media relations, deftly handling crises, and promoting positive narratives, PR elevates a brand’s reputation and sets it apart from the competition.

Our comprehensive "Get PR Ready" package is designed to equip your brand with everything it needs to shine in the public eye. You’ll have access to our PR experts who within a month will make sure your brand is fit for journalists' attention.

For help with your future PR campaigns, speak to PR expert and BIG little LDN’s founder, Emma Critchley-Lloyd.

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