What do Gen-Z really want from food brands?

What do Gen-Z really want from food brands?


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What do Gen-Z really want from food brands?

Co-authored by our resident Gen-Zer Maya Behzadi, this eBook combines desk research with qualitative insight taken directly from the most socially conscious and environmentally aware generation - Gen Z.

We deep dive into their habits, wants and needs with a particular focus on food and how their relationship with it helps express their individualism, creativity and values.  

What you will takeaway:

  • Who are Gen-Z and what's important to them?
  • What conscious choices are they making about brands they interact with?
  • What are seen to be the biggest compromises when eating plant-based food?
  • What is Gen-Z's relationship with food and how do they find inspiration?
  • Activation ideas and thought starters to inspire your next campaign.

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