Not an alternative. Simply Tempeh.

Better Nature

Not an alternative. Simply Tempeh.

Brand Strategy

Better Nature

The background

Having secured £1.6 million of funding, Better Nature now needed to secure a retail listing. They needed to make their tempeh appealing to the masses in order to convince supermarkets and other retailers that there was wider demand for their products outside of the pure vegan/vegetarian market. 

The BIG solution

Tempeh still remains largely unfamiliar in the UK, but we recognised this as a plus for Better Nature. The meat-free market is highly competitive but there was a white space outside of Tofu and meat replicas for Better Nature to own with tempeh. We were tasked with finding a brand voice that was distinctive enough to cut through the noise while also getting our audience to remember us. Our research found that young, females interested in health and flexitarian diets would be the easiest to convert.

We deep dived into our audience to understand what really matters to them, allowing us to merge the essence of the brand with our audience need states in a way that made the brand memorable while avoiding cliches.

BIG Results

Not an alternative. Simply tempeh. 

Taking the white space of tempeh, we turned this into a magical world that Better Nature could own, allowing them, and their audience, to be brave enough to imagine and create a different world. A world that goes beyond alternatives. 

It’s plant-based magic, like nothing else out there. Conjured up just needing three ingredients; carefully crafted know-how, cultured soybeans and water – quite unlike tofu – tempeh gives you more, naturally, than seems possible. More nutrients, more protein, more deliciousness, and such endless versatility of flavours and taste sensations than you can possibly eat.

Tempeh is proudly original. It stands on its own as a delicious plant based protein - in a league of its own. Unbelievably nutritious and unreasonably delicious. Tempeh is not a plan B. It is not an alternative. It’s simply tempeh. 

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