How to generate PR for your insurance company

How to generate PR for your insurance company


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How to generate PR for your insurance company

Generating positive PR for your insurance company can be a valuable way to build credibility and market share. Here are some tips on how to generate PR for your insurance company: 

Develop a thought leadership programme: Establish your company as an authority in your industry by creating a thought leadership program that positions your company, and the people within it, as a knowledgeable resource. This can involve writing articles or blogs, speaking at industry conferences, or conducting research studies. With ALA Insurance, we commissioned research with YouGov to identify how much money people lose in a total loss vehicle claim and secured an exclusive with The Express. With the help of influencers, this became a successful customer acquisition campaign with a 10% quote to sale conversion rate and a 17% social engagement rate (average is 3%). 

Leverage social media: Use social media platforms to share company news, industry insights, and engage with customers. Consider working with relevant social media influencers or creating partnerships with other companies to increase visibility. We partnered with financial advice influencer Kia (@PenniesToPounds) in a campaign that needed to bring to life stats around the Used Car Bubble and how GAP Insurance could be a saving grace for many during the cost-of-living-crisis.  

Crunch your own data*: Research doesn’t always have to be through a third-party like YouGov. You own claims data, geographic data, types of cover – analysis of your own data can tell a story and build up a picture of consumer facing interest with a compelling news hook. When the Used Car Bubble started to burst, we saw this as an opportunity to find out what motorists could be most affected. This internal analysis turned into “Ten cars that could leave you up to £3,000 out of pocket if prices fall this year” our exclusive with Mirror Money that contained a link back to our client and resulted in further coverage on MSN, Wales Online and What Car?

Build relationships with journalists: Journalist relationships are like any business relationship. They take time to build up and earn trust – hence the aptly named ‘earned media’. If you don’t have a compelling news hook or genuine reason to get in touch you could end up not being taken very seriously and burn your bridges before you even begin. Journalists get hundreds of emails a day from people trying to win over page space, we asked some we know to share their experiences. For our clients who want to secure regular press coverage, we recommend committing to six-months first as this is enough time to do the groundwork – make sure your brand is ‘PR ready’ and start building up a target list of publications, journalists and a strategy for introducing your brand to them.  

Participate in community events: Get involved in local community events and sponsorships, such as charity events or local sports teams. This will increase your visibility in the community and show that your company is committed to giving back.  

When you’re trying to secure positive PR for a company that isn’t a familiar household name, it can take some time for journalists to become familiar with your brand. It requires a long-term approach and consistent effort – over at least six-months. However, by staying focused on building relationships, providing value, and showcasing your expertise, you can build a strong brand reputation and attract new customers. 

If you'd like to find out more about how to secure press coverage for your business, get in touch with Emma, Sophie and Holly.

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